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Art expresses feeling and thought, without a word spoken. As does artful furniture. It is our pleasure to design and craft artful furniture, through which people may express themselves in their homes. Consider this your own architectural wardrobe—elegant, varied, and easy to live with.


Visit our Boutique Gallery, where you'll find a comprehensive assortment of Bernhardt Interiors products perfectly paired with lamps, rugs and other accessories to add the finishing touches to your home.


Nuevo is committed to designing, sourcing and producing innovative lighting and furniture that demand creative spaces.


Working with the finest stone, steel and wood, Nuevo continues to seek out new materials and finishing techniques to support and inspire the design process. We are constantly challenging ideas about what makes up a creative space and how our brand fits into that space.


We are dedicated to providing the highest quality and service, that support our ethos.

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Since 1987 Visual Comfort has been the leader in the lighting industry for impeccable design, immaculate finishes and the beauty of their production. They believe great lighting is about more than a physical object; the best possible light should be expressive, functional and suited to your environment. At Visual Comfort, they know that their lighting will not only shape a room, but also illuminate your style.


Visual Comfort is the premier American resource for signature designer lighting. For nearly twenty-five years, Visual Comfort has produced lighting with some of the most influential names in design such as Ralph Lauren, Sandy Chapman, Thomas O'Brien, Barbara Barry, Alexa Hampton, and Suzanne Kasler, using natural materials of exceptional quality and distinctive, hand-applied living finishes.


Visual Comfort offers architectural and portable lighting for every application including; task, table, and floor lamps, wall, ceiling fixtures, and outdoor lighting.


Visit our instore Gallery at Ga Interiors. The lighting wall is a small sampling of items to showcase different finishes.

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